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Quality and Authenticity

We are dedicated primarily to encouraging and promoting art and artists of various diverse cultures and forms.

By understanding the customer's goals and needs, whether they are looking to decorate a space, invest in art or build a collection, we work with clients and aim to provide hands-on experience and professional advice to help them gain better understanding, insights, and make informed decisions. You may be worried about authenticity, quality, and whether the item you purchase will look like the pictures.


At Art cafe, we are deeply committed to gaining your trust and ensuring you feel comfortable shopping with us. We ensure Quality and Authenticity for all our products.



Our curation philosophy is quite simple. If a piece is not good enough to be part of our own homes, it isn’t good enough to be showcased on Art cafe. And so, we never, ever compromise on the quality of anything we sell.




We ensure our clients are 100% sure of their choices before making a purchase and guarantee that the piece will look exactly like the pictures and videos shared with you. If an item you purchase doesn’t arrive in good condition, we’ll make things right by finding an acceptable solution.




Every piece on Art cafe is handpicked by expert curators. We are not a listing platform; we invite the artists, designers and stores we want to feature, and we decide which pieces from their collection we’ll showcase. 




We work closely with our artists and sourcing partners to ensure competitive prices. We are committed to being fair to our clients and are always willing to have a conversation if you believe there is an issue with our pricing, or you find a discrepancy with another source.




We source our collection from a select number of designers and artists, each of whom are best in class, well-established and highly trustworthy. Our deep industry expertise has helped us form strong relations with our reputed partners, and they trust us as much as we trust them.




What truly sets us apart is our service. Even though we’re online, the experience we create is the same as what you’d get at a physical store or gallery. There is a human element to the Art cafe experience, with someone from our team always available to guide you, answer questions, and help you make the right decision.