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Map Of The City And Environs Of Calcutta Constructed Chiefly From Major Schalch?s Map And From Captain Prinsep?s Surveys Of The Suburbs With The Latest Improvements And Topographical Details


This Magnificent And Extremely Rare Map Is One Of The Most Exquisite Early City Layouts Ever Made In India. It Was Published In Calcutta By Jean-Baptiste Tassin's Oriental Lithographic Press And Has Very Exquisite Hand Colouring Done By Bengali Colorists Using Indian Pigments, Giving It An Outstanding Appearance Distinct From Maps Created In Europe. The maps depict an incredibly precise depiction of Calcutta, which was the capital of the 'Company Raj' and India's premier commercial and cultural metropolis at the time, with a population of about 200,000 people. Major John Augustus Schalch and Captain Thomas Prinsep's landmark study of Calcutta and its surrounds, conducted between 1820 and 1828, served as the foundation for assin's plan. This project was inspired by the necessity to supply the city with a comprehensive drainage system, but it ended up having far larger uses.
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