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Kashmere Gate, Delhi Print



This is a vintage photograph of Kashmere Gate, one of the 14 original gates that were built into the fortified walls of Shahjahanabad, which was the capital city founded by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan located in Old Delhi. It was named the Kashmere Gate as it was the northern gate that led the way to Kashmir. The gate gained national attention after the fierce battle between the British Army and the Indian rebel soldiers during the 1857 Mutiny. Indian freedom fighters fired volleys of cannonballs from this gate at the British and used the area to assemble for strategized fights and resistance but they were eventually overpowered and the British regained control of Delhi.

The British moved to Civil Lines in 1857, and Kashmere Gate became a commercial center of Delhi. In 1965, a section of the Kashmere Gate was demolished to allow faster movement of vehicular traffic.

Now Kashmere Gate is also the name of the surrounding locality in North Delhi, in the Old Delhi area, and an important road junction as the Red Fort, ISBT and Delhi Junction railway station lie in its vicinity.
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