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Indra and Krishna battle for Parijat



The conflict between Krishna and Indra is depicted nicely in this Kangra painting. While sitting on Gardua, Lord Krishna is flying. Satyabhama can be seen on Krishna's left, fiercely clutching her. Narad can also be seen seated on Garuda with the Parijat tree in his hands. Krishna's four hands are carrying a conch, a disc, a goad, and a lotus flower. Indra, on the other hand, is pictured holding his vajra and attacking Krishna. Many eyes are drawn to Indra's body. He's perched atop his elephant Airawat. Because the battle is about to begin, Garuda's human form is portrayed gripping Krishna's feet, while Airawat is assaulting Garuda from his tusks.
According to one legend, the Parijat tree arose from sea churn, which Indra planted in his garden. When Narada Muni was returning from Indra Lok, he handed Krishna some blossoms from this tree, which Krishna gave to his wife Rukmini. Satyabhama became enraged and urged Krishna to plant a tree. It is said that Shri Krishna took this divine tree from heaven to earth, and as Krishna was taking the tree of Parijat, Devraj Indra cursed the tree, saying that its flowers would not bloom during the day. Because the bloom of Parijat is utilised in the worship of Lord Hari, this exquisite and aromatic floral is known as "Harsingar."
GST 12%
Color With Frame
Size 355 x 440 mm | 13.98 x 17.32 inches
MediumType: Paper
Mount: Off White
Variable: Glass
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