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Raag Devgandhari


A blue-skinned, halo-adorned ascetic woman in a rural setting is sitting with a garland around her neck while wearing an off-white dhoti and a transparent dupatta. Her body has been coated with ashes, as evidenced by the color of her skin. Two black and yellow cushions are placed behind her. The ascetic and her young apprentice are talking. The young man is sitting in front of his teacher and writing on a pad. Since it is nighttime in the image due to the heavy shade cast by the tree on the right and the absence of a horizon, a tiny fire has been lit between the two to provide some light. Together, a tiger and a deer keep the peace. The rocks in the background are off-white and oblong in shape, framing the entrance to the ascetic's cave. the colour of the foreground pond, which has a sky-like appearance. According to the writing at the top of the frame, Raag Devgandhari is painted on a folio from the Ragamala collection. Raag Devgandhari successfully captures the joy that results from accomplishing a task. The listener is motivated to work harder by these sentiments, which eliminate any idle thoughts. It conveys to the listener the sense of being in paradise and is distinguished by extreme joy and pleasure. While engrossed in this raga, one realizes that real bliss is found at the Lord's feet and in letting go of false love.
GST 12%
Color Black Frame
Size 355 x 440 mm | 13.98 x 17.32 inches
MediumType: Paper
Mount: Off White
Variable: Glass

Artist Name



Hand made Paper


This is a high-quality original miniature painting, on hand made paper. The frames used are high quality synthetic wood box frames or Aluminium frames. The print is protected with either 2.00 mm float glass or acrylic sheet as selected. To make it sturdy, a special board is used for the rear panel and hangers are included on the rear panel.


With Framing


2000 c.
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