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Krishna Slays Bakasura


According to the legend, once all the cowherd boys were sitting on the Yamuna river bank one day after watering their calves when they noticed a massive heron of a hill size. Its top was as powerful as a lightning bolt. They were terrified of the strange beast as soon as they spotted it. This monster's name was Bakasura, and he belonged to Kansa. With his pointed, razor-sharp beak, he abruptly burst onto the scene and attacked Krishna, quickly swallowing Him up. All the boys, including Balarama, virtually lost their breath as if they had died as Krishna was thus devoured. However, Krishna experienced a flaming, scorching feeling when the Bakasura monster sucked him up. This resulted from Krishna's radiant effulgence. Krishna was swiftly thrown up by the demon, who then attempted to choke Him to death by clamping Him in his beak. Before His cowherd boyfriends arrived, Krishna grabbed hold of the enormous heron by the two halves of his beak and split open his mouth like a toddler would very easily do with a blade of grass.
GST 12%
Color Black Frame
Size 355 x 440 mm | 13.98 x 17.32 inches
MediumType: Paper
Mount: Off White
Variable: Glass
VolumetricWeight: 2000

Artist Name



Hand made Paper


This is a high-quality original miniature painting, on hand made paper. The frames used are high quality synthetic wood box frames or Aluminium frames. The print is protected with either 2.00 mm float glass or acrylic sheet as selected. To make it sturdy, a special board is used for the rear panel and hangers are included on the rear panel.


With Framing


2000 c.
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