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Cheriyal Plate 17, Hand-painted

Cheriyal Plate 17, Hand-painted



Cheriyal painting is a traditional art form of Telangana, India, that depicts scenes from Indian mythology and folklore on cloth scrolls.

The paintings are made with naturals colours and brushes, and have a distinctive style and colour scheme. The background is usually red, and the figures are drawn with bold outlines and bright colours.

The paintings are used as visual aids for storytelling by the itinerant bards, who narrate the stories in song and verse. The paintings are also displayed in temples and homes as a symbol of devotion and culture. Cheriyal painting is a rich and vibrant art form that reflects the local ethos, customs, and traditions of Telangana. It is a living heritage that is passed on from generation to generation by the Nakashi community of artists.

Cheriyal paintings are also done on plates and masks, using the same technique and style as the scrolls. The plates and masks are made of wood, terracotta, or papier-mache, and are prepared with a coat of white primer or chalk powder.
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191 mm - 7.5 inch Round


191 mm - 7.5 inch Round


25 mm - 1 inch




Open Edition


High-quality matt glazed ceramic plate with custom digital print. The plate is Packed in a Kappa board box, foldable display stand, pre-attached wall mount, special card with detailed writeup on the artist and the artwork.



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Rs.2500 to Rs. 4999
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    Do not display ceramic or glass plates  on metal prongs. Many people make this mistake when displaying ceramics. Over time, this can damage the surface of your ceramic piece, even chipping or cracking it.
    Do not immerse porous ceramics (like earthenware) for long periods of time. They can be washed gently (see the glass washing method above), but not left to soak. They absorb water like sponges, and this can cause many different problems (cracking, water stains deep in the piece, etc.).
    This may sound like common sense, but some people insist on displaying their best glass on the shelf under the stairs (or some other shaky place). Keep your pieces safe and secure from rattling and bumping.
    Keep out of sunlight. Most glass and ceramics will not fade without prolonged exposure, but don't take chances by leaving it in bright light for long periods of time.
    Try to grasp ceramics by the base. If you grab a small protruding detail on your vase, plate, or other ceramic or glass piece, it may break off. Grasp the whole piece firmly and carefully.
    If your glass or ceramic piece chips or breaks, take it to a professional for repair. Fixing a glass or ceramic piece on your own is not advisable if you wish to retain its value. Try to get all of the pieces together and avoid them scraping together if at all possible. A conservator will be able to tell you if your piece is salvageable, and will let you know what kind of repair costs and results you can expect.
    This artwork is accompanied by an Authenticity Certificate.
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    The product is produced in India & is Hand made by an artist