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Life is a deck of cards - an set presents daily life on playing cards and showcases how it changes according to fate and destiny within seconds.
Avijit says, ?That?s how I as a player have perceived it so far. The winner decides the moves fearlessly and dares to risk with the master strokes with vigour. The deck of cards has played a significant role since time immemorial.?
Each of his work is symbolic and follows the ups and downs of life. There are 55 works in these set, which represent a deck of playing cards. His works depict his childhood memories, the time he spent with his grandmother his parents and his surroundings. We can see the demarcated phases of life, followed by the values, with which we proclaim ourselves to be grown up with the passage of time. We can make out that these cards tries to showcase that would help us to simplify and understand our journey of life; from a simple to a complex being unintentional.

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Artist Name

Avijit Dutta


305 mm - 12 inches


394 mm - 15.50 inches


Digital Print on Paper


Edition Size 100

About the Artist

Avijit's mind and thoughts have journeyed through various phases in time. He believes that though his physical being may be static in time, his mind is free to take a flight whenever and wherever he wants. His search for his ultimate truth is never ending. In 2007 he worked on the concept of 'Lavanya' where his main focus was women in different forms. He has gone beyond the physical appearance of a woman in his hunt for her inner beauty - her soul. The modes and nuances in sensuality, the reading of which as expressed by Avijit Dutta, are embedded in the Indian notions of Lavanya. Lavanya emerges from the 'Shadanga' or the six limbs of Indian art. 'Shadanga' lays a prominence on the basic structure or language of a work of art, written in consonance with the liturgical texts. Through his 'Lavanya' series he pays respect to the multiple facets of a woman, be it mother, wife or lover. In the same year his 'Journey of Temptation' was born followed by his 'Timeless Passage' series. His 2009 series on Indian Sadhus called 'We Rise or We Fall' was the result of extensive research on the simple austere lifestyle of the holy men of India.


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